Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Untitled 1.

Paths of life criss-cross inexplicably
Carried by a force as elusive as God
From where I sit I inhale it all
An advantageous position for someone like me.

Invulnerable to every possible threat
Excepting the one that really matters
It comes up behind me as I sit aloof
Watching the World go by.

Don't be afraid, it whispers loudly
Willing the others to hear
Stroking my neck, and cupping my ear
As it stares wildly at them.

It grips me harshly this invisible enemy
Before announcing my death
I turn to face it, to tell it I won't go
But it's already dissipated, gone without telling me.

The enemy is gone, the threat still there
But I am unreachable so I sit and stare
At the faces that frown as they pass on their way
To where they're going on this mundane day.

Briefcases swing like the leafless trees blow
in the passionate movement of the winter gales
Driving pointlessly with no real direction
And lacking any real place to go.

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