Saturday, 26 March 2011

Recent Viewings

Hello everyone, today i'd like to update you with some of my recent viewings and recommendations.

Distant Voices, Still Lives - A unique, almost special British film with the now passed Pete Postlethwaite, as a wife-beating father of two, in post-war Britain. Must see. Really something different, beautifully realised.

Au Revoir Les Enfants - This is a beautiful little french film set in Occupied France in a Catholic boarding school. It's a beautifully woven narrative about two boys - one a genuine Catholic and one a Jew in hiding - and documents their early differences, and their gradual friendship, followed by tragedy. Again, a really great film, can't recommend enough.

Four Lions - Really funny, with a strong - though sometimes contradicted - subtext. It's about a group of Muslim friends who are desperate to blow something - anything - up. Though they just can't seem to succeed.

Revolutionary Road - I decided to watch the film after reading the book. I'm a huge fan of Yates' work, but I was bitterly disappointed with the film. I don't think Kate Winslet deserved any awards for it, and it was a bad decision to cast her - she acted poorly, and out of character compared to the source material - either because the source was poorly adapted, or the film was poorly directed (funnily enough, by her Husband). Conclude what you will from that. Leonardo Di Caprio does well in the film, and pretty much holds it up. The ending also seemed rushed, and lost a lot of its meaning due to crucial scenes being cut from the final film, effectively destroying what I feel was the Authors intended conclusion. Aside from Winslet's poor performance (which isn't definitely her fault), the cinematography and music are stunning, and definitely well suited to the tone and pace of the story. Worth a watch, but not before anything else on this list.

Lady Vengeance - Beautifully filmed, but for fans of Old Boy (such as myself), maybe a little bit slow in the beginning, with seemingly superfluous scenes early on. However, once it's started, it's worth staying with for the excellently planned spiral of an ending. Recommend.

So go and watch some of these films when you get time - and check back soon, for my review of the brilliant Submarine.

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