Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Great short movies.

Well, today i've watched a series of short films by a youtuber called F.C.Rabbath. So i thought i'd give them some publicity and talk about the shorts i watched.

Lost In Your Eyes

This short intrigued me. The concept and story are enough to keep the viewer interested, but the colour, cinematography and acting really hook you. There's a great twist at the end that was unexpected, to me at least. I felt like i was really able to connect with the protagonist, because i'd been in similar situations myself. The sense of going from reality to dream was conveyed particularly well, and never leaves the viewer wondering where they are. The actors all deserve credit. Especially the one who plays "death". I love how she gives an evil little smile when she's setting up, which kind of gives her away, except for the fact that nobody expects it. The music/composition was also top notch. Great job from production to screen.


As an avid fan of war movies, this short really got my attention. The colouring harked back to films like Saving Private Ryan and some episodes' of Band Of Brothers. I found the two actors playing the brothers to be a little weak in their characters, but not so much that i had to turn it off. They were just convincing enough. The music was excellent again. The composer is really something. Although this short was not as dependant on its story, i felt compelled to watch once the hunt was on. I really enjoyed the acting by the commander.

The last two films were over 5 minutes long. The next film was 23 minutes in length, so i watched it while i ate my dinner.


Now, this really is taking it up a notch. An excellent story, great script, music that is on par with or better than many Hollywood "blockbusters", memorable performances from all talents involved, and great cinematography. I loved it. If this guy isn't winning awards for this, i'll stick my finger down my throat in protest. Music is central to this short. It illustrates just how important music is in setting the tone and mood in, not just a movie, but our everyday lives. The actors are smooth and believable in showing this. It's interesting that it all starts because he couldn't get a girlfriend. So he's using the apparatus to woo her, but she liked him all along anyway. He didn't need the kit. It's very high concept. I can't think of anything like it. It was a pleasure to watch this all the way through to the end, as i enjoyed every second.

I recommend everyone to go and watch this guys movies. I'm sure one day we'll be seeing his name on the big screen, "FCRabbath".

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