Thursday, 1 July 2010

Buh Bye

Well, the Great Gods of Greece have summoned me, and I am settling in the coastal town of Tolo tomorrow for a week! I haven't had a holiday in two years.

The hotel is right on the beach, and we're close enough to quite a few ancient sites to go exploring on foot or bikes. Corinth, Epidavros etc. We are so excited. In fact, I have to be up in three hours to go to the airport, but I can't sleep, so I'm sitting here writing this crappy message to anyone foolish enough to actually read it!

HA, I bet you thought this would be about films didn't you :]

Just for you then...This week I watched a couple of brilliant films. Well, one brilliant, and one was a bit meh (probably because i'm a bit older than its target audience).

The much raved-about 500 Days Of Summer, which I loved and can recommend. Not just because of the unique structure, but because the acting, score and cinematography are awesome! Plus, she is mad sexy.

Then last night I watched Ice Age 3, purely because it has dinosaurs in it, and I'm a closet fan of dino's. The story was botheringly predictable, but visually interesting and involving. The dinosaurs were predictably awesome!

Now, I have to catch a few zzz's before we leave. Peace and love fellow movie-watchers. Don't miss me too much.

Oh, before I go, check out FCRabs new short, Modern Gods. The fella knows how to make films.

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