Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Broken Identities

This week I've been working on ideas for a competition, the theme of which is Broken Identities. Although I have no expectations of winning, I'd still like to give it a fairly good crack. The theme interests me greatly anyway, so what's the harm?

Here are three ideas that I came up with:

A German girl, brought up in a loving family in the 50's, recalls a family trip back to France where her Mother grew up, to visit her dying Grandmother. While there, she discovers the truth about why they had never visited, and they are embarassed and publically dismissed from the town.

A teenage boy, disliked at school and neglected at home, falls in with a crowd of BNP followers; the only people to accept him for who he is, as long as he will embrace their racist beliefs. Then he finds out that his roots aren't exactly English. He worries about how his new and only friends will react, and must find a way out.

After a night of drunken birthday antics with her father, a teenage girl forces her father to reveal all about his past. She is shocked to find out that he is an ex-MI5 agent, forced to move away and live under a new identity, after being caught infiltrating a dangerous gang. She struggles to believe that her entire life isn't a lie.

I've started writing the first idea (1000 words in out of 2500), but don't really have detailed outlines for any of them. I've decided to just write and see what happens. I'm quite happy with it so far, and it's exciting to think spontaneously. I'm pretty sure the best writers write this way.

I am having real difficulty in deciding which story is the most appealing and offers the most opportunity in relation to the theme. I think i'll just write them all up and pick later.

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