Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's a great feeling...

When you finish that first draft. Which is what i did last night. Finally completed it. Just under two months from conception to completion. The feeling is even better since it's my first draft of my first screenplay, ever. Eighty nine pages total. Errr, slight relief. I have been waiting for this sinking feeling that i've been warned of, when you realise you have actually written the worst script ever created in this galaxy, but that feeling hasn't come for me. I'm not saying that my first is better than anybody elses, just that i'm genuinely content with my content.

I've already begun the second draft, and so far i've rewritten most of the first act. I'm hoping to get the entire script re-drafted by Tuesday night for my Wednesday interview. Act three will need the most work i reckon, as i literally wrote the entire act in two nights fuelled by chicken nuggets and Doritos. That's how it's done.

I spent about an hour trying to decide on a title and it depressed me, so i left that. Now to create a logline and a synopsis. Can't be that hard.

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