Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The University Interview

Finally, today was the day of my interview with Birkbeck in Bloomsbury. My girlfriend met me there and we made a day of it. We met at 1pm but my interview wasn't until 2.40pm. First things first, Russell Sq. is a really nice place to chill out, especially with nice weather like today. There's a fountain in the middle and a good amount of tree coverage, creating a nice place to sit and talk or watch people - whatever tickles your fancy. Also the British Museum is right by the University, so we popped in there and enjoyed some ancient artefacts. It got quite tedious in the museum after a while though so we left,and then it was time for my interview.

The two men that interviewed me are both published writers (playwrights, novels, radio plays etc) and both lecturers on the BA in creative writing. I felt like we clicked strait away which released some of the weight on my shoulders, as one of them is a personal friend of one of my favourite authors. They asked me many questions, like why i want to go in to creative writing, what i want to do when i finish, my favourite films and screenwriters, and my favourite books. They also asked if i'm interested in trying a variety of different genres and styles of writing. Of course i answered yes. I'd really love to write a Sci-Fi of my own. Overall, i think the interview was went very well. It was quite a relaxed atmosphere, so it almost felt like talking to two potential friends rather than two potential lecturers.

After all of the work to complete my screenplay and make it presentable, they didn't want to see it, in order to remain fair to the other interviewees. I didn't even think of that. I honestly wasn't trying to corrupt their opinions in my favour. The only way i feel dissappointed with the interview is that i feel i could have spoken more about my interests and the direction i hope to take. The opportunity was there, and i talked a little bit, but then we moved on. But hopefully i said enough to make them see i am a writer full of potential.I won't be hearing from them now until June, so it's just sitting tight and hoping until then.

Next i'll be reviewing "Apocalypse Now Redux", probably within the next couple of days. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and thanks to everyone who sent me good luck messages.

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  1. Well done, when do your lessons start? By the way, you speak about the one of the interviewers being a personal friend of one of your your favourite writers, what writer do you mean?